How'd I do?
  1. The Sopranos
    A mob family deals with the same sort of things that every family deals with, except they're the mob so lots of people die. Tony Soprano is the patriarch of the family and probably a very likable and evil man. Series ends in black - was he shot?
  2. Murder She Wrote
    Basically Scooby-Doo but with Angela Lansbury except at the end of every episode, rather than revealing who the killer is, she just writes about her experiences in a newspaper column. Then later on goes on to be a singing tea kettle.
  3. Game of Thrones
    A bunch of Middle Earth rejects fight over made up land and kill one another. Then some of them fuck. Then everyone dies. Peter Dinklage wants to be king but some prissy little Slitherin reject stands in his way. Dragons kill people. And probably fuck, too.
  4. Girls
    A group of twenty-something year old girls in NYC struggle with dating and their friendships. No one really has their shit together which leads to hilarious situations. @lenadunham gets naked from time to time.
  5. Cheers
    Set completely in a bar, the same group of people meet every day after work to complain about their lives. They're all drunks but it's never really talked about.
  6. The Walking Dead
    Every zombie cliche ever.
  7. The Wire
    Set in Baltimore, each season focuses on one aspect of the city: the police, the politicians, the gangs. What we learn is that they're all just as corrupt as the next. People die. Drugs are sold. Back room deals are made. Then, at some point, you realize that this is the greatest show of all time and feel the need to tell every body it's he greatest show of all time. You get personally offended when people haven't seen this show.