I'm just being honest...
  1. "Muggle"
    Owns a library card
  2. "Question Authority"
    Has never paid taxes
  3. "God is my copilot"
    Has gifted Bibles to family members with their names on the cover
  4. "Dog is my copilot"
    Avid L.L. Bean catalogue reader
  5. Any state school alumni sticker
    Had lots of friends in college
  6. Any liberal arts college alumni sticker
    Had zero friends in college
  7. Harvard alumni sticker
    Has used the phrase "I went to school in Cambridge" at least once in the last 48 hours.
  8. Grateful Dead dancing bears
    Does acid
  9. Grateful Dead dancing bears on van
    Sells acid
  10. The Jesus fish
    Youth pastor's wife
  11. The Jesus fish w/legs
    Avid Redditor
  12. "Trump: Make America Great Again"
    Social media preference: Facebook
  13. "Feel the Bern"
    Social media preference: Instagram
  14. "I'm Ready for Hilary"
    Social media preference: Pinterest
  15. "Cruz 2016"
    Social media preference: Bible club