@dev was kind enough to pass the torch on to me. And so, the tradition continues...
  1. "She does a great Ja Rule impression..."
  2. "He donated one of his kidneys."
  3. "She taught me you can Shazam cat food commercials."
  4. "A grown man who loves Disneyland, wrestling, and candy."
  5. "...sings his way through adversity."
  6. "...a badass lady chemist..."
  7. "Bartender with unironic cat tattoos."
  8. "Her interests include LA and Anthony Kiedis' biography."
  9. "Uproariously funny human jewel..."
  10. "Describes himself as 'a sexy, take-no-prisoners workaholic with a penchant for hot jazz 😉'"
  11. "He doesn't like long walks on the beach because walking in sand can be exhausting."
  12. "On-line drought shamer; she thinks I use too much water."
  13. "Ice cream connoisseur..."
  14. "...actress-turned writer whose first feature script just got optioned by someone fancy. One of the best imaginations I've ever encountered."
  15. "...cat petter and ethnic food eater"
  16. "He's also British which means he's both funny and snarky in all the best ways"
  17. "Vegetarian video editor."