The tradition continues. Thanks everyone for giving us a chuckle!
  1. "Absorbed her twin in the womb."
  2. "Whale shark fan!!"
  3. "He's got an 'Indian James Dean' vibe."
  4. "Real life muppet..."
  5. "Waitress with strong opinions on how stupid people who come to her restaurant are."
  6. "...the person I see Nicki Minaj concerts with."
  7. "My younger brother by a couple years, but also has good qualities."
  8. "Just bought his first fern..."
  9. "Feminists, dad, and lover of vodka."
  10. "...nominated for a Grammy and knows how to cook a delicious roast chicken."
  11. "Knowledge of theater, Zelda and music."
  12. "He's Jewish by name, Muslim by rearing, and ginger by the grace of God."
  13. "He's barely gay."
  14. "Scientist and baller."
  15. "Unemployed loser; has a nice button collection."
  16. "Always the tallest, rarely the bigger person."
  17. Editor's Note: someone used their invites on their mom and dad, which I found very sweet.