1. My Hollywood daddy bought me a car
    As a graduate gift. Double chiché. (For the record, my dad is super awesome and in no way a "hollywood dad" despite being an agent.)
  2. I live in LA and see a therapist
    Nothing against therapy - I think it's awesome and would recommend it for anyone - but I have no intentions of spending more time than I feel I need in therapy.
  3. My dad started a new family with a young chick he doesn't know. They have a 1 year old together.
    See above...
  4. I read Pitchfork pretty religiously
  5. I'm an only child...
    And because I'm my Jewish mother's pride and joy and grew up with an abundance of love and support, I tend to think I'm right about most things (conveniently, I happen to almost always be right...)
  6. We own chickens
    At my house outside of Portland. Wasn't ashamed of this until Portlandia - thanks @crb THEY PROVIDE DAILY FRESH EGGS!! That's nothing to laugh at.
  7. I want to be a writer
    Non-fiction, journalism, memoirs, essays, travel stories and things of that nature. I couldn't write fiction to save my life, so don't worry, aspiring filmmakers, your jobs are safe (looking at you, @edub )