*Quotes loosely remembered
  1. "Cyber: that's something we have to get better at." - Trump
    Please someone make this a cyber sex meme
  2. "We need more Law & Order" - Trump
    One thing we can all agree on.
  3. "I was preparing to be President" - Clinton
    @giphy is probably all over these 2 seconds
  4. The Hillary Clinton shimmy
    Get on it, @giphy
  5. An edit of Trump talking about Clinton's lack of stamina against how many drinks of water he took compared to her (which I believe was zero)
  6. Static
  7. "I think by far my best trait is my temperament" - Trump
    Followed by a 5 minute edit of all the times he's lost his shit, with The Benny Hill theme song playing underneath
  8. Someone doing a cover of Foster The People's "Pumped Up Kicks" with the lyrics "Trumped Up Schticks"
    This seems less likely, but I'd be into it.
  9. Someone cutting together Hillary plugging her website with Oscar Bluth's site.
  10. This meme I just made
    Not that clever. Don't see it catching on. Could be an out for Trump after Ford Motors continually denies his claims though.