Suggestions welcomed
  1. eBaum
    I don't know who you were, Ebaum, but your world was filled with viral videos before YouTube, sub-categories before Reddit, and Internet slang before Urban Dictionary.
  2. SmarterChild
    I wish Siri was half as witty, helpful, and easygoing as you, my AIM robotic friend.
  3. Jeeves
    Fun Fact: my father wrote a treatment for a screenplay about a real man named Jeeves who lived in the Internet and provided answers to all with ease until one day someone asked "what is love" and a "You've Got Mail"-esque romance ensued.
  4. Tamagotchi
    If not for you, my little egg-shaped pet, would we ever have had to suffer the thousands of FarmVille requests that flood Facebook ever day?
  5. Digg
    I admit it: I was a Reddit holdout for a long time because I loved my precious Digg and thought it would win the war. Not since 1999, when I stood outside the Chinese Theater and proudly declared that Jar Jar Binks was the best Star Wars character, ever have I been so wrong.