1. Porkchop
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    Skipping the episode where Doug dreamed Porkchop was trying to kill him, this pup has always been a faithful companion. Plus he plays the drums.
  2. Air Bud
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    You're lying to yourself if you never wished your childhood dog was Air Bud.
  3. The Bounty Hunter
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    The world of dog grooming is tricky: too little and you look like a mangy mutt, too much and you're a pampered poodle. Dog The Bounty Hunter walks that fine line with grace.
  4. Baxter
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    Punted off a bridge, doesn't even care.
  5. Dr.
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    2008's "Fate" was a great record. I don't care what Pitchfork says.
  6. The Duck Hunt Dog
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    Reliable, helpful, and mysterious. What was his name? What did he do after Duck Hunt? Nobody knows...
  7. Snoop
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    Personally not a fan - anything rhymes when you add the suffix -izzle to it. Plus he tuned his back on dogdom, pronouncing himself Snoop Lion. Shit's whack.
  8. Snoopy
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    There are more deserving dogs, but @EthanDawes will throw a fit if Snoopy doesn't make the list.
  9. Lassie
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    Obligatory. Always got the impression that Lassie was a bit stuck up and probably a racist. Did save Timmy from dying in the well though, so points given.
  10. DMX
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    Honorable mention for all the barking he does
  11. Madison: Jack Russell. Small but mighty. First non-human on ListApp.
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    Suggested by @Madison