A theory I've been developing during my commute to Venice, presented without judgement of my friends who smoke, drive, smoke while driving, drive while smoking, or any combination, known or unknown.
  1. Bad for your health
  2. 🚬: the list of ways smoking is bad for your health is much too long for li.st.
  3. 🚗: sitting for long periods of time isn't good for circulation or your posture. The pollution from cars is also harmful.
  4. Purposefully marketed as 'cool' and 'sexy'
  5. 🚬: Joe Cool, cigarette companies paying studios to have their stars smoking in movies, etc.
  6. 🚗: Look at any car advert. Driving is freeing. Driving fast is exotic and masculine. The curves of a car are described in the same fashion as the curves of a women.
  7. Some folks think it makes them *look* cool
  8. 🚬: the cool kids smoked in the bathroom or behind the gym.
  9. 🚗: all those moron blasting music with their widows down.
  10. Brings certain types of people together
  11. 🚬: Smokers bond over simply being smokers. Double points if it's the same brand.
  12. 🚗: that friendly nod when you see a diver of the same car as yours.
  13. Bad for the environment
  14. 🚬: the smoke itself, the way cigarettes are manufactured, etc.
  15. 🚗: ask Al Gore
  16. Expensive
  17. 🚬: that shit ain't cheap, not to mention the long-term health costs.
  18. 🚗: cars are expensive. Gas is expensive. Tickets are expensive. Parking is expensive.
  19. By and large, unproductive
  20. 🚬: taking time to suck poison into your body.
  21. 🚗: admittedly you're getting from point A to point B, but most of that time is spent making sure you don't hit something. When we're all being shuffled around in our autonomous pods and able to read, sleep, have sex, etc. we'll realize how unproductive the time spent driving was.
  22. Past its prime
    Which is to say that yes, there was a time when everyone smoked, when doctor's endorsed it, when The Flinstone's sold Winstons. In hindsight, we laugh.
  23. 🚬: doctors recommended it, the Flinstones were shelling Winstons... It had its moment. That moment has past.
  24. 🚗: tens of billions of dollars are spent in the US developing new ways of getting people from point A to point B.
  25. Also, they both eventually become electric.