Extremely Heightened Moments of Anxiety/anticipation

  1. You dropped your iPhone face down
    You slowly bend over and flip it over... Did it crack? Did it survive?
  2. Waiting for that 11th Instagram like
    Sorry famous people, but some of us have to wait minutes before this happens.
  3. Fart or Shart?
    Don't pretend like you don't know the struggle.
  4. "Your American Express statement is ready"
  5. That animated iPhone ellipsis
    As you await a reply after sending a particularly honest and vulnerable text.
  6. Accidentally packing expensive moisturizer in your carry-on
    As your bags go through the X-ray you're just praying to God the TSA is lazy that day.
  7. Seeing the notification that someone you haven't spoken to in decades tagged you in a photo
    It's going to be a throwback and you're going to look like shit.
  8. You see your parent calling at an odd hour
    Someone has died
  9. The few seconds before the beep when you leave a voicemail
    All I can think about is Monica Geller, "I'm breezy!"