Films I Have Claimed as My Favorite

  1. Rock-a-doodle. 2-5 years old
    I have very few memories of the specifics of this Don Bluth film (apparently I've always loved Bluths) but ask my mom and she'll tell you I spent hours dancing in front of the TV.
  2. Angels in the Outfield. 5-7 years old
    Whenever the cable would go out I'd pop this in the VCR and sit right in front of the TV. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's best role to date.
  3. Austin Powers. 7-8 years old
    I'd stay in at recess in 3rd grade and recite every line with @madithelma, much to the amusement of our teacher who told us we couldn't tell anyone else about our quote-a-thon.
  4. Wayne's World. 8-11 years old
    @madithelma and I watched this so many times that we ended up watching the French-dubbed version on the DVD so it would be fresh, that's how much we loved this movie.
  5. Zoolander. 11-12 years old
    I saw an early screening alone in a theater with my dad and my idol at the time: Fred Durst. While I am no longer down with the Bizkit, I will forever be down with Mugatu. Let's not talk about the sequel.
  6. Signs. 12-13 years old
    I don't know - at the time I thought the filmmaking and writing was superb. Whatever.
  7. A Few Good Men. 13-15 years old
    Talking at its finest! No surprise when Sorkin is behind the words. Proof that Rob Reiner can direct any genre. I've seen this film a few dozen times and still get excited when Tom Cruise gets him to crack.
  8. Good Will Hunting. 15-17 years old
    There is something quietly funny about this film - little moments like the banter between the friends or Matt and Robin's rapport - that's perfectly juxtaposed with Elliott Smith's grinning melancholia. I just love it. If you find yourself sitting next to me on a plane, chances are I'm watching this film.
  9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 17-19 years old
    I modeled the better part of my teenage years on Ferris.
  10. My Neighbor Totoro. 19-20 years old
    I believe it's Miyazaki's best film, which is saying something. His ability to capture complex feelings using very little dialogue is astounding. I think you could watch the film without any dialogue –– just music and –– and it'd land.
  11. Boogie Nights. 20-22 years old
    I don't know how this could be someone's second film. To make such an epic film and with that incredible cast... Unreal.
  12. When Harry Met Sally. 22-23 years old
    Nora Ephron at her finest. I don't think I could love someone if they didn't love this film. It is the funniest movie at times. It is the loveliest movie at times. It's appropriate when you're sad. It's appropriate when you're in love.
  13. Her. A few months when I was 23
    The title of "favorite" was revoked on account of the lack of time and perspective necessary to qualify as "favorite." That said, I'd wager that in 10 years I'll put it back. What does it mean to love? To be selfless? To be faithful? Those are some big themes to address, wrapped up in a gorgeous package.
  14. Boogie Nights. 23-24 years old
    Jon Brion once praised PTA for his ability to control rhythm and pace and I think Boogie Nights is a prime example - at times it carelessly glides along like Roller Girl, other times it gets so heavy and dense that it slows to the point of forcing you to take in every single frame.
  15. Whiplash. A few weeks when I was 24 years old
    The best pieces of musical equipment usually just does one thing really well - skip multifunction and unnecessary bells and whistles - you want a piece of gear built with a single purpose in mind. That's how I felt about Whiplash: it fearlessly and confidently focused only on obsession (ha!) and the effect of the pursuit of perfect.
  16. Boogie Nights. Present
    Nearly everything gets better when it's shorter: books, albums, films, musicals, plays - even the greatest works of art would be better if they were even just a little shorter. Not Boogie Nights. All 2 hours and 32 minutes are perfect –– if you remove a single frame I think the film would collapse.
  17. Everybody Wants Some! For about 2 hours while watching it for a third time when I was 26.
    Y'all slept on this film, which is the spiritual brother of 'Dazed And Confused' but even less happens and it's even more charming.
  18. Alfie (2004). 14-16 years old.
    This was the movie I'd watch after a breakup to feel better. If I'm being honest, this was my favorite film because of the clothes and because of how well Jude Law wore them.