Pieces that outshine the snack itself
  1. The last bite of an ice cream cone with melted ice cream inside
    My billion dollar idea: sell boxes of just these, sort of like Dibs, at movie theaters.
  2. Hardened corndog batter at the end of the stick
    The corndog is really just an obstacle that must be overcome to get to this little nub of batter.
  3. Cookie dough attached to spatula
    The best reason to make cookies isn't the cookies themselves.
  4. The pudding that sticks to the foil lid
    In those little Jello pudding cups. Gotta lick that off before diving into the cup.
  5. Coffee Bean Tea Leaf ice
    Shoutout to all my fellow ice chewers who know that CBTL and ever Thai restaurant ever has the best ice.
  6. Pizza crust
    My favorite people in the world are people who don't eat the crust because BOOM, I do.
  7. Salted un-popped kernels
    Between these and the CBTL ice my dentist probably hates me @ruddybuddy please don't tell Dr. Keen!
  8. Finger lickin' good Cheeto-cheese residue
    Skip the Cheetos and just sell the cheese mix in Baby Bottle Pop form. Or fun-dip and I'll just use my fingers. Whatever your delivering mechanism, people want that powder!
  9. Banana peels
    Not so much to eat, but rather to thwart those behind you in a 150CC race around Yoshi Falls. Rarely does food waste prove this useful.
  10. Grilled cheese drips!!! Little crackly smoky bits... oh God...
    Suggested by @rebeccalou
  11. The wheaty sugar dust at the bottom of a bag of frosted mini-wheats
    Make a jarringly sweet mush to eat or ball up and throw at a friend
    Suggested by @sloan