Yesterday we celebrated 4 years together so please allow me to be a little self-indulgent as I talk about the best person I know: @Caroline
  1. She has a sense of occasion
    If we're having people over for a meal, condiments go in fancy containers. A box at the Hollywood Bowl requires candles and proper place settings. She's always dressed for the occasion, makes sure drinks are in hands at all times, brings gifts, writes thank you cards, and is the last one to leave the dance floor. She's an amazing host and an even better guest.
  2. In four years of being together, she's never once let me put the top sheet on the bed.
    She has a very specific way of tucking the corners in - "hospital corners" I think she calls them... I am always on pillow case duty. She says it's because I, "do such a nice job of putting the pillows in the pillow cases" but I think she just doesn't trust me with the top sheet...
  3. The pants dance
    Not that I have ever seen her put on pants (Mr. and Mrs. Edwards are on The List App!) but if I *had* seen it, I would be absolutely in love with the way she sort of shimmies into them and kicks her legs in the process... Boy, doesn't sound attractive when I write about it, but I assure you it's adorable.
  4. All the little noises
    "di di di" when she's setting things up, "hmmm hmmmmmmm" when she's thinking about something, "oooOOOoooOoo!" when she likes a suggestion I've made. These little noises have become the soundtrack to my life and I really love it.