@charlie posed these 5 questions for me and I shall pass along the meme to some unsuspecting ListApp-er, soon!
  1. When did you stop going by Nicky?
    Someone did their research. In my head, I'm Nicky. Most of my closest friends call me Nicky. In college I started introducing myself as "Nicholas." Either one is totally fine. If you call me "Nick" that's fine too but it'll take me a minute to realize you're referring to me. In my head, Nick is a dude who plays beer pong and has a Scarface poster in his room.
  2. Why is your hair blue? Is it really blue?
    My avatar photo is me in 7th grade geometry class. You can't see but I'm wearing a very cool "Pringles" shirt. Dyed my hair all sorts of colors throughout middle school and high school because I thought being blond was boring.
  3. What do you do when you're not making lists?
    I spend so much time on ListApp because I spend so much time waiting for a computer to render. Just finishing a documentary I produced about happiness in America - friend and I spent a year traveling the country meeting people who were referred to us as "the happiest person I know." Very proud of the film the emerged, though it was a challenging process. Any Newport folks? We premier at Newport Beach IFF in a month!
  4. What is one thing you're most proud of?
    I have really wonderful, diverse, and interesting friends; they're all such kind, inherently good people who live all over the world. This may be a weird thing to be proud of, but I have always had a great ability to find and maintain these rich friendships regardless of whatever distance or time separates us. If a person's friends are an indication of who they are then I am very proud of what this group of warm people says about who I am.
  5. What's your favorite list you've made?
    "Assumed Plots to Movies I've Never Seen" - I don't think it's necessarily my best list, I just wish more people would do it because the concept cracks me up. I do think my "World-Wide Disney Attractions, Ranked" is the definitive Disney list and am hoping to be recognized for this incredible achievement by the ghost of Walt...