1. Discovering you avoided getting a parking ticket
    You know that feeling: your meter is up, it's street cleaning day, it's a loading zone... And you approach your car and BOOM, no ticket under your wipers.
  2. Peeing after holding it in for way too long
    If I'm being honest, I'll often hold it in just to experience this relief. It's the closest I've ever come to being a cutter - build up the pain so you can release.
  3. This
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    This is sort of the granddaddy of relief assuming you're not looking to get pregnant. You feel like Neo in bullet time just narrowly avoiding certain doom.
  4. Rushing to your gate and discovering the flight hasn't started boarding
    Yes you feel a little stupid for running through the terminal and continually having to drag your roller bag which keeps flipping around, but the overwhelming feeling is relief, especially if you have time to stop at Hudsons for some M&Ms and $6 water.
  5. You didn't do your homework. BOOM, substitute teacher.
    Throwback to high school when you spend the majority of your morning trying to come up with an excuse or a way to dodge turning in the work you didn't do and then BOOM teacher is out sick. Their pain is your gain.
  6. Finally breathing through your nose after being congested.
    I've never been water boarded, but I imagine it's a lot like being sick for a week straight and not being able to really breath. But that temporary relief provided by Sudafed... It's like a sinus orgasm.
  7. Finding 2nd floor parking when you're late for your Arclight movie
    Especially on a Friday or Saturday night. Your friends said you were crazy for even attempting the 2nd floor, but there it is: a spot just for you. You're not missing any trailers. Major relief.
  8. "Don't worry, it's just a freckle"
    Hearing these words from your doctor is like getting a new lease on life.
  9. When you're OJ Simpson and you're acquitted of murdering your wife
    You guys know what I'm talking about.
  10. Congrats - you don't have any cavities.
    Suggested by @dball