1. So many thoughts on this one....
  2. 1. Is this a big enough problem that it warrants a billboard?
  3. 2. Is a billboard the best way to reach the target demographic: children who can't read?
  4. 3. The website recommends "cutting them into pieces" as if simply popping the balloon is somehow not sufficient.
  5. This fucking billboard campaign...
  6. 1. Amy Poehler looks terrible.
  7. 2. The lighting is dreadful
  8. 3. This looks like right before they wrapped on the last day, someone was like "oh fuck, we need a promotional image — Will and Amy, stand against that green screen" and then took a photo on their iPhone 3G
  9. It looks like Bill Nye has a baby hand
    Also looks like his hand is twisted in the wrong way. It disturbs me.
  10. A few thoughts...
  11. 1. Why does Chris Pratt look so bored?
  12. 2. Where is he standing that that's the background??
  13. 3. Do those guns look like they weigh anymore than .5 lbs each?