1. The only comfort I've been able to find in this election,
  2. Is the only comfort I was able to find in the outcome of Brexit...
  3. That perhaps these are the pains that come with a country that is growing:
  4. Growing more diverse.
    Which is beautiful.
  5. Growing to include more voices.
    Which is exciting.
  6. Growing so large that the space between us shrinks.
    Which is revolutionary.
  7. To grow is to change, and change does not come without opposition.
  8. And because this growth is inevitable, so too are these pains.
  9. But I cannot accept the idea that humans do not move towards goodness, acceptance, and unity.
  10. Albeit, not always in a straight line.
  11. I am deeply saddened and troubled that many of us may not be around to reap the benefits of that long view,
  12. And that for many, the immediate effects may be much worse than 'pains.'
  13. But I remind myself that I am in the majority, and that gives me hope.