1. 🔪: Bellatrix Lestrange
    She kills Sirius. Enough said.
  2. 👉👌: Moaning Myrtle
    Two words: Ghost Sex. There are plenty of hotties at Hogwarts, but Myrtle ain't one of them. But she's a ghost! You ever gotten it on with a moaning ghost?!?? It's awesome.
  3. 💍: Luna Lovegood
    Maybe a controversial pick over someone like Hermione or Ginny, but Luna seems like she'd constantly be full of fun surprises and always down for an adventure. I can see her as a life partner more than a wife cuz she doesn't subscribe to societal norms.
  4. 📹💑: Hagrid and Madam Maxime.
    Just to see how Giants do it
    Suggested by @Waz