Lifted from the wonderful book Moonwalking With Einstein by Joshua Foer. Completely from memory, of course!
  1. What is a memory palace?
    It's the memory of a building you know well. Your childhood home is a good first memory palace.
  2. Why does this work?
    Humans are REALLY good at spatial memory. Even buildings you've only been in once, I bet you can recall all sorts of details about the layout. Just think about the last hotel you stayed in - bet you can remember the lobby, where the elevators were, the look of the hallways, your room layout, where the sink was in the bathroom...
  3. How does it work?
    Below is a list of 20 random items; you are going to memorize the order. How? By placing each one along a designated path through your memory palace.
  4. Step 1: Choose your palace
    Mine is my childhood home. I recommend a place you know VERY well with many rooms and places to put things.
  5. Step 2: Imagine the path through your memory palace
    It's very important to know the route you're going to take. Start outside, maybe at the mailbox. Then imagine the front door, the foyer, turn left where are you? Go through the entire house as you would in real life. Make a note of any particular nooks, closets, spaces along the path.
  6. Step 3: Place an item in each room
    This is how you'll remember the order, by imagining seeing them as you walk through your memory palace.
  7. Step 4: Exaggerate the items and go into detail
    The more absurd, the better. So if the item is "carrot" and it's going to be placed in the downstairs bathroom, imagine a giant carrot standing in a towel with shaving cream on its face, looking in the mirror about to shave. Also, sexify items to remember them (maybe the giant carrot is actually standing naked and you can see his carrot butt.)
  8. Ready to try? Here are twenty items, read them one by one and place them along your memory palace.
    Remember to really imagine they are there in your memory palace, and REALLY make them as memorable as possible, like the carrot.
  9. Let us know how you did in the comments!!
  10. 20 items beginning now:
  11. Tennis racket
  12. Flatscreen TV
  13. 2 Spicy Salmon Sushi Rolls
  14. Riding lawn mower
  15. 3 baby elephants
  16. Winnie the Pooh
  17. Monica Lewinsky's dress
  18. A 2nd place bowling trophy
  19. A VHS of The Big Lebowski
  20. Plaid pants
  21. A kazoo
  22. 5 quarters
  23. A little red children's wagon
  24. A Manila envelope
  25. Voldemort
  26. 7 pickles
  27. A bag of fingernail clippings
  28. A pink iPod mini
  29. A John Deer trucker hat
  30. 4 Camouflage-painted dinner plates