I know it's not Draft Week, but I found this from a few months ago and decided to share.
  1. Trailers
    Would gladly get to the theater 10 minutes earlier to see the cast recreate 2-4 minute trailers of shows that are soon to premiere.
  2. Premium Seats
    Airlines figured it out already: certain people will GLADLY pay extra for comfier chairs with more space.
  3. 21+ Showings
    I've had many theater-going experiences severely hampered by kids, tweens, and teens. And babies. Who brings a baby to a musical?!?
  4. More engaging Playbills
    Can we get a crossword? Maybe some trivia. And while we're at it, can you ask your actors to please say something interesting in their bios?! We know you're excited to be in this production - give me something juicier.
  5. Meta/breaking the 4th wall/being self aware is played out.
    Stop it. Just stop.
  6. Musical diversity
    I love musicals and think that 99% of people who don't - who have a problem with "people just breaking out into song" - would actually love musicals if the style of song was more varied and represented the types of music that are popular on a broader spectrum. Because like, what's not to love: story + dancing + music should equal awesome.
  7. Cup holders