This all happened within 3 hours
  1. Just saw a man using his 4 year old daughter's pony tail as a leash
  2. My Uber driver is talking about how high he is. Right now.
  3. "I didn't take any pills today. I didn't take ANY pills today"
    Said the man wearing what appeared to be a loincloth, suspenders, and a trench coat. To no one in particular...
  4. Now he's singing Confederate Fight songs
    Please note: this man is a participating member of a film panel I'm attending at the festival.
  5. People at this panel were drunk at 11am
  6. "People call me Ally. Or Alexandra. Or Bunny. Or Bitch! Haha"
    Said my seat mate at the panel who looked like the "Meth: Not Even Once" posters.
  7. "My son threw himself in front of an Amtrak a few years ago. Then next year my husband was murdered. So I think grief is important... Bowling is a good way to get over tragedy."
    Said my seat mate immediately after telling her my documentary was about happiness.
  8. "And that's what a lot of my standup comedy is about."
    Was how she left our "conversation."
  9. "My old boyfriend told me I smell like a dog. That's why I left him."
    Said my other seat mate. Her old boyfriend wasn't wrong.
  10. A woman dressed as Wonder Woman ("I was told I'd get into all he events free if I dressed this way") just gave me a handshake...
    And now I need to see a doctor because she nearly broke all the bones in my hand. I think she may have been a he.
  11. "The Philippines is basically a third world country, like most of Asia"
    Said a person who's probably never left Sacramento