I Hiked Through Norway With A Bernie Bro Turned Trump Supporter & All I Got Were These Amazing Pics

Alt title: An 8 Hour Hike Is A Great Place to Find Common Ground
  1. I arrived in Bergen early in the morning, very sleepy from an unfortunate layover in Oslo.
    At midnight I landed in Oslo and found a hotel (?), showered (??), paid $30 for a 7 minute cab ride (this part I vividly & lividly remember) ahead of my 8am flight to Bergen.
  2. I took the bus up the mountain to my hostel, excited to nap!
  3. Upon arriving, I learned I was 5 hours early for check-in. So what does one do when they're jet lagged AF and delirious?
  4. Join a hostel group on an 8 hour hike!
    I was told we were hiking up to that tower (pic taken from hostel.)
  5. They said the hike would be "easy with a very small rock to climb."
  6. It turned out to be more climbing than it was hiking...
    New Olympics competition idea: jet lagged rock climbing.
  7. Within an hour we were nearly at the top!
    I couldn't believe how quickly we made it to the top - 8 hours was a gross overestimate.
  8. Sheep selfie
    A must, accordingly to my new friend @Burghi (read his list: Things you should do in Bergen, Norway vol.1)
  9. I felt triumphant! I summited the mountain in jeans and wingtip boots — suck it, REI.
  10. But wait... What's that behind us? Turns out the first hour was the ascent, the next 7 would be fjord exploring.
  11. So explore we did!
  12. Hiking up streams...
  13. Filling out water bottles with fresh water...
  14. Taking selfies...
  15. Taking GELFIES™...
    That's GIF + Selfies (damn right I just trademarked that.)
  16. Making new friends...
  17. Making new enemies...
    Whatever, dude, I didn't want to hang out anyway.
  18. Stopping for coffee and cookies...
  19. Conquering obstacles...
    (This is my new Kansas City friend, the one who wants to "see the Wildcard win the election and take on the establishment." - really nice dude. Genuinely interesting to hear how other people approach politics and what matters to them.)
  20. And finally arriving, 5 hours later, at the summit of another mountain, overlooking Bryggen
  21. As we made our way down the mountain into the city, I discovered this monument, commemorating Bergen's very own @sondrelerche
    Amazing, their attention to detail! It's uncanny.
  22. An incredible first impression of Norway! It's like if Oregon and coastal Maine had a baby and gave that child a fuck ton of 💰💰💰
    Tomorrow I'm off to explore the city!