Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. Making your bed is *not* a waste of time, it is a small accomplishment that you can begin each day with.
    Also makes your entire room look 👌🏼
  2. @RossGeller is a good dude and not - as @sarahgorman would have you believe - a fuccboi.
    Note: she makes some great points and I may just be in denial.
  3. Free Public Wifi is a lie.
  4. Blur won the Brit-pop battle.
  5. Ocarina of Time is the greatest video game of all time.
  6. The weather in Southern California is not perfect.
    There is no such thing as perfect weather, it's all about changes, often referred to as "seasons." (I miss you, Boston.)
  7. Haagen Dazs makes better ice cream, Ben and Jerry's makes better flavors.
  8. Pinkberry makes better froyo, Yogurtland makes better flavors.
  9. Dark chocolate doesn't count if you're on a sugar detox.
  10. Disneyland is better than Disneyworld because it was Walt's original vision.
  11. A person's profile is a better representation of who they are than any other social media profile.