Can you guess these West Hollywood establishments based on parts of their sign?
  1. Guess me!
    9e33e17d bdc0 467f 9ddb 36efc81f6938
    Shout out to @DebiPal
  2. Guess me!
    448811ee a060 438e abbc 3ef5b0a014a2
  3. Guess me!
    2b99df53 49d8 43ef 8b2f 7a41718969f4
    Shout out to @vp and @carolinek
  4. Guess me!
    91ec6fae 8824 4633 940c 150ebb619244
  5. Guess me!
    Eb8e9c29 77ef 4f89 b6f9 2f3925b5de3e
  6. Guess me!
    974276ed b1c5 45de 8df8 692746dbd478
  7. Guess me!
    8fe59776 4b00 45bf 834b a8aba6e39e8f
    Shout out to @laureng
  8. Guess me!
    9168896b d0bd 4d43 854c ef888bc510da
  9. Guess me!
    1309ffb4 3ded 42b8 b525 48dc032f9491