Kids think the darnedest things, these were mine:
  1. It's an "elbow" not an "L-bone"
    To be fair, it looks like an L
  2. There aren't 15 other chapels because it's not the "Sixteenth Chapel"
  3. We are human beings, not human beans
    Had no concept of the state of "being" at 8 years old. Did, however, have a pretty firm grasp on beans and fetuses, which are roughly the same shape
    Suggested by @celine
  4. The Who song doesn't go "bluuuuuuuue water, blue blue, blue blue"
  5. Paul Newman didn't just make lemonade
    I was astonished to learn that my beloved lemonade, salad dressing, and snack food mogul was also an actor! I watched the entirety of The Sting when I was 7 being wildly confused.
  6. Time does not change by a few minutes depending on longitudinal coordinates
    I understood that time changes when you move East or West but didn't get time zones. So I thought, for example, that if you were East of LA by a hundred miles you'd be like... 12 minutes ahead of LA time.
  7. It's not the "Genius Book of World Records"
    Reading was hard
  8. Woody Allen IS Jewish - so are most people in Hollywood
    I was astonished, at 8, to learn that - apparently - a lot of people in Hollywood were Jewish, including that guy from Broadway Danny Rose.
  9. China and Japan? Not the same country.
    In fact, they don't really care for one another.
  10. When you take the EuroStar from England to France it's not just underwater...
    it's also underground. I imagined a glass tube like at the aquarium and fully expected to see whales, sharks, and other sea creatures while traveling through the Chunnel.