Like conjoined twins, these words always seem to travel together.
  1. Abominable & Snowman
    Abominable has never been followed by a word that isn't snowman.
  2. Humble & Abode
    Abodes don't technically have to be humble, but they always are.
  3. Damsel & In Distress
    Ever heard of a damsel who has her shit together? No, you haven't.
  4. Old & Prospector
    Prospecting is not a young man's game.
  5. Porn & Star
    There's no such thing as an aspiring porn actor or a porn character actor, they're always stars.
  6. Flaccid & Penis
    No one has ever used the adjective "flaccid" without the accompanying "penis" unless they were trying to be provocative.
  7. Dungeness & Crab
    I double checked and the noun 'dungeness' has many definitions that have nothing to do with crabs.