So that future civilizations may know more about me.
  1. Finding Kraftland DVD
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    My dad (@richardkraft) made the most overproduced home movie of all time. It played about 80 film festivals and really just captures everything you'd ever need - or want - to know about us.
  2. One of my snowboards
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    I learned to ride when I was 8 and spent the better part of every winter weekend up on the slopes or jammed in our Mt. Hood cabin with a bunch of friends. My parents ran my high school snowboard team. I competed in state. It was a major part of my life, thanks in large part to @chipdogg & @carriecat
  3. My red suit
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    I don't think I have a signature look, but hopefully including this suit in my time capsule will solidify this as "The Nicky Kraft." Shout out to the two Kraft boys making awkward poses.
  4. The book I wrote with @madithelma in 2nd grade
    "The Wacky World of Cartoons" was the most meta, well-crafted, and hilarious (and expertly animated - all Madi) book to ever be published. And we were 7. I've never written anything as good, since. Seriously, the conflict was that one of the characters fell off the page - we taped flash cards to the bottom with him just hanging out, being upset he fell out of the book. Brilliant.
  5. Chocolate Double Stuffed Oreos
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    In the off chance they don't have these in the future, I think it's a nice gesture to offer the discoverer of my time capsule some treats.
  6. This photo of me and @carolinek
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    I want future generations to know how much I loved this woman (and also how good looking we were, granted she'll always be hot, but I've gotta capture my youth now!)
  7. A hard drive containing all my emails
    I think the Black Mirror episode where they recreate the dead husband based on all his e-communications is spot on where we're headed. Minus the robot thing.
  8. All my List App lists, printed
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    Obligatory but also because of that list I wrote about why my mom is the best.
  9. A printed version of my daily blog from when I lived in Japan
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    It was my version of backpacking through Europe post-college and I am beyond grateful for the experience and everyone who allowed me to take such a selfish journey.
  10. MP3s of the songs on my Spotify playlist "For Whatever Reason"
    I add to it often and think it's pretty representational of the music I love (minus The Beatles, who aren't on Spotify but I imagine they'll be preserved forever. Paul looks like he is, anyway...)
  11. All of my ties and pocket squares
    Maybe they'll recreate them and sell them at the gift shop at the "Nicky Kraft Exhibit" Not sure when this time capsule turned into a museum exhibit, but it did.
  12. The first vinyl @tay @davidrosenfeld and I spun in our college apartment
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    Two years filled with great tunes, great company, and a lot of Figs pizza.