Japan's Obsession With Duffy, the Disney Bear

Shout out to @carlyewisel for the inspiration and @laureng for being Duffy obsessed
  1. Who is Duffy?
    Minnie made a teddy bear for Mickey during his time away and stuck him in Mickey's duffle bag - hence the name. As you will learn shortly, many Japanese people are OBSESSED with Duffy - more than Mickey, more than Totoro, more than anyone.
  2. He BOMBED in Florida
    He was originally intended for the Florida parks but was a major bomb. Disney decided to ship the tens of millions of dollars of Duffy merchandise to Japan, hoping they would take better to the bear. Never in Disney's wildest dreams could they have predicted how successful he would become.
  3. Park guests treat Duffy like their own children
    As you'll see in the following photos, guests push Duffy around in strollers, pose him for pictures, and (I'm sorry, I can't find the photo I took of this) seat their entire Duffy family around the dinner table with them. (Also couldn't find the stroller picture where Duffy and Shellie May - his girlfriend - are actually *in* the stroller, but I assure you that's commonplace)
  4. Posing for photos
  5. Posing for photos 2
    Note, this was a photo JUST of Duffy and Shellie May - no humans were in this photo.
  6. 10 second Duffy
    I play a game whenever I'm in the Tokyo parks called "10 second Duffy" where you only win if you can go 10 seconds without seeing a Duffy. I've never won. How about you, @taybelight or @EthanDawes ?
  7. 10 second Duffy 2
    FYI that's "milk tea popcorn"
  8. 10 second Duffy 3
    You lost
  9. 10 second Duffy 4
    You lost
  10. 10 second Duffy 5
    You lost
  11. 10 second Duffy 6
    You're on the subway home and lost.
  12. Duffy's girlfriend, Shellie May
    Why does Duffy have a girlfriend? $$$$$$
  13. Re-selling Duffy merchandise
    Duffy merchandise is sold at a handful of stores, but guests will wait HOURS in line to purchase gear (he's got all sorts of outfits) from the official Duffy store in DisneySea. If you're reselling Duffy stuff online and can provide a receipt that shows it came from that store, it goes for twice as much as the same exact thing from another Disney store.
  14. Me as Duffy
    That's a Milk Tea Popcorn Duffy container
  15. The hidden Mickey
    Check out the white in Duffy's face...
  16. Duffy has a cat friend, Gelatoni
    Suggested by   @richardkraft