Kraftland Vault, Vol 1

These treasures are now collecting dust in some storage facility deep in the valley.
  1. Pee-Wee's Bike
    The friends I could make cruising WeHo on this guy...
  2. The Submarine Voyage Sea Serpent
    He's 30 feet long and not meant to be out of the water, meaning he's gotten even creepier over the years.
  3. Bob's Big Boy
    He'd greet guests as they entered our house. Now he's crammed in a storage facility next to statues of The Colonel, Ronald McDonald, and Pioneer Pete.
  4. An Al Hirschfeld Drawing
    At the age of 98 Al drew this of my father and me, or as my dad refers to it "Nicky on a roller coaster with a fat child molester."
  5. 1,000+ Board Games
    Luckily they're all shrink wrapped so when the vaults are opened, they'll probably be the only thing that survived. My personal favorite game title is "Hey Pa! There's a Goat on the Roof"