Hearing about other people's dreams is boring; hopefully this isn't.
  1. I was at some Hollywood party
    Among the guests at this backyard BBQ were Danny Elfman, Billy Crystal, and Jason Alexander.
  2. People asked me about ListApp
    A whole swarm of people wanted to know about this new app and turned to me for answers.
  3. I read one of @john 's list
    Specifically one entitled "The Honest To God Weirdest Costumes I Have Ever Worn to Themed Parties" list. Please note, this is (to my knowledge) not a real list, unless John feels inspired to make it after reading this.
  4. By far the weirdest entry on the list was
    "A table ornament." This is one of those things that doesn't really translate from the dream world to the real world because what's a table ornament?
  5. Suddenly there was a huge commotion as John appeared at this party
    He was standing atop a picnic table wearing only a Speedo. He stood there for a few moments, holding a torch, while the audience took photos. It occurred to me that THIS was the party where he had dressed like a table ornament.
  6. I asked him to list 4 adjectives that described the party
    "I don't list" he told me, "I perform." And then he was gone.