1. lol
    You're acknowledging that what was said was intended to be funny, which is not to say it wasn't, but not enough to, ironically, warrant actually laughing out loud.
  2. Ha
    Alt. lol
  3. 😂
    You're acknowledging something is funny and are also some sort of Internet humor aggregator.
  4. LMAO
    You are over the age of 50 and find the least shocking thing to be HILARIOUS.
  5. Haha
    You're acknowledging that was was said was intended to be funny and subtly implying it wasn't.
  6. Ha ha
    What was said was probably a laugh at your expense. You're acknowledging it was intended to be funny, though you didn't think so.
  7. Hahaha
    What was said was actually funny.
  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    What was said was really funny.
  9. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha
    What was said was really funny and also a bit surprising.
  10. lolz
    What was said was stupid/self-deprecating/sad/mean/cringe-worthy and also a little bit funny. Often used by the person with the funny information, directly after sharing i.e. Might have just accidentally spilled wine on his new girlfriend's dress. Lolz
  11. lololololololol
    What was said acknowledged that you trolled someone in some capacity. You're acknowledging that you find your trolling to be funny.
  12. Tehehehehehe
    Jury is out on this one: it can either mean you think something is funny and cute, or can be used in place of "lolololololol" to acknowledge that you've been mischievous.
  13. [in iMessage when you add the "haha" reaction to a text]
    You want to acknowledge having seen the person's text but can't be bothered to type "hahaha" nor was it actually that funny, though you recognize it was certainly meant to be funny.