Let's Take A Moment to Analyze This Movie Billboard

  1. Billboard in question
  2. "His life just got put on paws"
    They've gone ahead and underlined "paws" in case you missed the pun.
  3. Also, what does that tag line even mean? His life got put on pause from what? What sort of things does a cat have to do that suddenly putting them on pause for something would be a compelling movie plot?
  4. "Me"
    In case there was any confusion that the top billed actor, Kevin Spacey, was not playing the cat.
  5. Why, Kevin, why?
  6. The cat is the one making these moronic markups.
    So I should deduce that the main character - a cat - thinks we're too stupid to understand a lame pun and is also so vain that it needs to tell us that it's Kevin Spacey. Cool. I'm sold.
  7. Also, the cat is wearing a tie.
    Now THAT'S crazy.
  8. Wait, what the fuck is this?
    Is that an Instagram handle?
  9. Dear god... This is a movie based on an Instagram cat!
    10k followers isn't terribly impressive in the world of Internet cats. Why did this one get a movie but Maru didn't?!?
  10. I tapped into who this cat is following and found this
  11. Hold on, let me underline that for you:
  12. This film is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld... I am so intrigued.