1. Talent is only part of the puzzle
    The thing that separates a 5-like list from a 50-like list isn't how "good" it is. The thing that separates an aspiring actor from a movie star isn't how talented they are. There's a lot more to the puzzle. Success comes from having the skills, yes, but if you want that 50-like list, go comment, like, relist, and connect with others! It's very hard to succeed in a vacuum. Most successful artists are incredibly hard workers and have built strong networks of genuine connections.
  2. People like positivty
    Genuinely nice people are hard not to like. Sarcasm and snark have their place, but if you want to make friends and be successful, try a compliment instead? (Note to self: sarcasm not always best response)
  3. You have no idea how things connect, but it's best to trust they will.
    Having a "yes attitude" means doors open, and having the courage and interest to haphazardly walk through random ones leads to incredible opportunities. Often we get caught up thinking that we have to figure out our path before we walk on it, which is totally bullshit. Lots of us just said "sure, I'll join this strange new app" and then said "sure, I'll attend some meetup of complete strangers that could be totally awkward." The result: new friends, new ideas, and new opportunities.
  4. Originality isn't always best
    Original ideas are awesome, but so is jumping on the bandwagon and adding your two cents. It's why this app has suggestions! You don't always have to be the one with an original idea, in fact, sometimes it's best to mimic and play around with someone else's idea - who knows what you'll discover.
  5. Everyone is a potential friend
    I know about 5% of you in real life, but a good part of the other 95% are people I'd gladly have dinner with or invite over to hang! Being open to new people - being genuinely interested in someone else - is an amazing way to meet potential bffls, lovers, employers, employees, collaborators, and friends.
  6. Who people are doesn't really matter
    Are you nice? Are you interesting? Do you bring something to the table? Great! That's really all that matters. If you're famous, not famous, infamous, or just someone's dad, who gives a shit? No one starts out famous (except for North West and Blue Ivy.)
  7. Being genuine is always the best thing you can be
    People have really good BS detectors, and while it can be entertaining to deflect, there's nothing better than genuine, honest things. Just look at the lists that most often trend: people being real. And 90's references. But mainly the first thing.
  8. Be organized