1. Being a regular at a restaurant & having a good rapport with the staff.
  2. Those few seconds when a really good movie ends and everyone sits quietly in the theater, reflecting.
  3. Starting the car right when a great song begins on the radio — not halfway through or at the end.
  4. Perfectly parallel parking in a single reverse.
  5. The right song at the right moment.
  6. Shower acoustics
  7. Seeing a really happy dog
  8. Small talk that turns to real talk
  9. When another driver gives you the 'thanks' wave
  10. Opening the fridge and finding exactly what you didn't even know you were craving
  11. Cracking open an egg with one hand
  12. Talking to a friend on the phone and hearing their kids laugh and giggle in the background.
  13. Realizing after a huge laugh that whatever it was that cracked you up will never translate, that it's just for the people in that moment.
  14. When someone you were just thinking about texts you out of the blue.
  15. Returning to the same out of town spot for enough years that you can appreciate how much you've grown as compared to how much it's stayed the same.
    Love you, Madonna Inn. Never change.
  16. When, in the midst of writing something a bit aimlessly, it becomes clear where you're heading.
  17. An irrelevant New Yorker cartoon that catches you off guard, causing deep laughter.
  18. Being caught off guard by a well-placed GIF
  19. Being stopped by a lost stranger and being able to give them excellent directions.
  20. Watching exhausted travelers get picked up at the airport by friends — it's the excited moment between seeing one another and being able to hug that's 💯
  21. When Google correctly autocompletes something you feel is so obscure and you're comforted knowing that you're not alone.
  22. Finding forgotten photos of friends whom you love dearly.
  23. Unexpected couch naps
  24. Shaking on a bet in which you know for a fact, with 110% certainty, that you are right.
  25. Postcards from friends
  26. Unexpected, sweet words
    Thanks to everyone who listed/DM’d/emailed/tweeted sweet words about li.st. Whatever you got out of li.st, it means quite a lot that it meant something to you at all. See y’all soon!