List App Goes to the Broad

@thebroadmuseum was kind enough to invite us to an after-hours event. Presented for you is a guide to contemporary art from a guy who knows nothing about art.
  1. The Building
    Right across the street from Walt Disney Music Hall, which means every other building on the block looks like crap.
  2. Team List App
    We said "no one smile" but B.J. was the only one who got the memo. As a result, he's the only one who looks cool.
  3. They have a list!
    Lists as Fine Art. Love it.
  4. Infinity Mirrored Room
    Recipient of the Best Exhibit to Take a Selfie In, 3 years running.
  5. Warhols
    Apparently that guy who produced The Velvet Underground made art! I'm always a big fan of the write-ups museums provide because they tend to be incredibly indulgent. The Broad's delivered but were also quite informative.
  6. Koons
    @ashleycardiff was BLOWN AWAY by this piece. It's hard to believe the balloon pieces aren't as light as air - really incredible craftsmanship.
  7. Murukami
    If you've ever been to Japan you know that this is exactly what walking around the streets of Shibuya and Harijuku is like.
  8. The Visitors
    My favorite exhibit. Check it out:
  9. How I imagine this piece came to be
    Agent: Jeff, you done with that surprise piece? Gotta get it to the museum today. Koons: Surprise piece...? Oh! Oh yeah... Um. Almost done. Give me an hour. (Koons hangs up and calls his assistant) Hey, can you run to Target and get me some shit... I don't know, anything, just hurry!
  10. An amazing museum
    The building is truly spectacular, not just because of the unique and playful design, but because as soon as you're inside, it immediately disappears and let's the art take center stage. Thank you for the invite, @thebroadmuseum - we had a fantastic time!