1. List App meet-ups are dope!
    Having been to a number myself, I can attest to how special they are.
  2. We'd be *thrilled* to offer assistance in organizing and promoting local meet-ups.
    We also have some special goodies we will send your way...
  3. If you'd like to be a List App Ambassador, please contact me: Nicholas@li.st
    Tell me where you live, when you're thinking about hosting a meet-up, what other List Appers you know IRL or know live in the area, and where you'd wanna host this shindig. No sweat if you don't have all the answers - we'll work together to make this a success.
  4. Or, if you simply want to attend a meet-up but not necessarily host, please comment on this list with your preferred city to meet up.
  5. Oh, and go follow @ListMeetUps - gonna do cool things over there...
  6. Yeah?