I am a big believer that one of the keys to a great list is an intriguing and clever title. Please stop to appreciate how few lists on The List App read like clickbait headlines. Here are some gems that quickly came to mind.
  1. Our Hearts Were Warm But Our Scalps Were Cold: When Von Dutch Was King
    Simultaneously cracks you up and piques your interest.
  2. The Soundtrack Of My Life
    This list could have been called 'My Favorite Songs Of All Time' And if it had, I would have almost definitely skipped it.
  3. Let There Be Light
    Alt title "cool light fixtures" - again, a more intriguing title.
  4. Things I've Said to Try to Convince My Mother to Go to 'Sleep No More'
    The title sets the scene perfectly - gives you so much context and makes the rest of the list that much funnier.
  5. Simple Yet Often Overlooked Techniques To Quickly Improve Your Holiday Baking
    I love a title that's almost comically long (looking at you, @dfly.) I find them to be more engaging. I would have skipped this list if it had been "Simple Holiday Baking Tips"
  6. An Investigation Of My Roomate's Dancing
    Could have been titled "Funny Photos Of My Roommate Dancing" and am so happy it wasn't.
  7. Name of Pets I Can Remember From My Childhood And How They Died Or Disappeared From Our Lives
    First of all: love knowing what I'm getting into with this list. Second of all: so much more engaging than 'Pets I Have Owned' - or whatever the PC term is other than 'owned'
  8. Relax, I Know Where Your Phone Is
    Perfectly encapsulates some of my favorite titles, which read like they're talking to you directly. A billion times more interesting than 'Top Places You Lose Your Phone' - the title is like the set-up to a great joke, with each item acting as a punchline.