Live Listing My First Trois Mec Meal

Come dine with me!
  1. It's in a strip mall, unmarked — they kept the sign from the prior establishment.
  2. Wow, they offer a non-alcoholic drink pairing. All about that.
  3. Starter snacks: Buckwheat popcorn, Tandori madeleine, Foie Gras beignet (!!!!!!!!), Crispy tapioca with passion fruit sauce, and mustard creme brûlée
  4. Rose lemonade
  5. Chef Ludo is in the house!
  6. Butternut squash soup with apples and Parmesan 👌🏼👌🏼
  7. Oh man, this is choice. Really creamy. The rose lemonade is very faint, so the pair well together.
    I guess? I don't know what I'm talking about. This is just super fucking yummy.
  8. Ice Cubes "Good Day" just started playing.
  9. Persimmon soda
  10. Butter toasted sunchokes & foie gras
    You know something is good when froie gras is just 1 ingredient
  11. Apple cider / cardamom and yuzu
    Taste like December
  12. Dover Sole w/ spinach and fresh horseradish
    This was @Caroline'a because I opted out of fish. My mushroom // savory granola // mushroom foam dish was incredible, but photographed like poo
  13. @Robert modeling this fantastic knife we've been given
  14. Duck titty!
    This tastes more like steak than steak tastes like steak
  15. Enjoying a pomegranate and SHITAKE drink
  16. Chai, lemon, & honey
    Apparently all of these drinks are made in house. Gotta appreciate anyone who takes juice so seriously!
  17. Truffle grilled cheese w/ a maple buttermilk sauce and SMOKED CHARCOAL ICE CREAM
    How do you smoke ice cream?! What sort of magical contraption do they have back there???
  18. Pharcyde's "Runnin" just came on. Chef Ludo cracked a rare smile.
  19. The birthday girl
  20. This is dessert. I'm so overwhelmed that I've forgotten what it is. Some sort of ride pudding with a brûlée yolk
  21. House made jasmine milk tea. It's divine.
  22. Dessert burger!
    Again, wasn't paying attention. Was too busy stuffing my face with a brûlée yolk covered rice pudding!
  23. Turns out it was filled with hazelnut cream. Fine by me.
  24. They gave us a copy of the menu after the meal (signed a copy for the birthday girl)
    A fun idea because now we can properly debrief and discuss each dish. After a nap.
  25. Thanks for tuning in to this live list. How was it? All notes, critiques, and ideas are welcomed.
  26. This is the last song playing when we left.