LOLz in the Wild

  1. Same
    Pittsburgh, 1/14/17
  2. "Dog shit room" didn't fit on the sign
  3. This is neither a shark nor a rocket
  4. Love a good iOS glitch!
  5. Especially pleased with the composition of this photo
  6. Hair today, gone tomorrow
    NYC, 11/17/16
  7. Incredible casting for this advert.
  8. Whole squad's here
  9. Oh shut up, Vulture! That's like dismissing Jurassic Park because it doesn't accurately depict the current state of genetic sciences.
  10. Slogan should be "not a jerk"
  11. I learned a ton about water consumption at this TV embedded in a urinal.
  12. Don't say anything bad about this habitat
  13. Mixed signals
  14. Oh! "No" got it! The caution tape was a little ambiguous.
  15. AT&T totally gets #millennials
  16. Oddly specific
  17. Ah yes, that classic duo.
  18. (Presented without commentary)
  19. Did this product need to be modeled?
  20. Holy shit! An actual "lolz" in the wild!!!
  21. Step dad was especially excited to show me these two majestic growths in his garden.