1. Marvin Gardens
    It sounds floral and romantic, evoking acres of expertly landscaped gardens. I imagine there's a pond somewhere with weeping willows and lily pads - frogs croak and a rowboat awaits adventurous lovers, though it's partially hidden by the low fog that creeps into Marvin Gardens.
  2. St. James Place
    The cobblestone streets create the most beautiful sounds as the horse-drawn carriages deliver bodies to their final resting place in New Orlean's above-ground graves.
  3. Park Place
    No matter the city, "Park Place" always denotes a wide street with grassy veins running up the middle.
  4. Reading Railroad
    A name that suggest that no matter the destination, the journey will be filled with many good books, occasionally punctuated by long stretches of window-gazing as small towns pass by.
  5. Pacific Avenue
    The Monopoly equivalent to PCH - the sun sets over the ocean as silhouetted palm trees softly sway in the summer breeze.
  6. Boardwalk
    The hand-made nails crafted by a blacksmith, long since passed, the wood planks suspended over the sand, families riding bikes, performers filling the air with song. There's fresh squeezed lemonade and shaved ice waiting to help combat the humid summer day.
  7. Oriental Avenue
    The neon signs that illuminate the wet pavement on Oriental Avenue - more of an alley, really - all promise exquisite food, or so I assume, I can't read Mandarin. Ducks hang in windows, steam bellows out from grates below, and savory smells come wafting out of the dilapidated buildings.
  8. Electric Company
    Nearly a century ago, this warehouse — now converted artist's lofts — housed the machinery used to power the downtown. Concrete floors, brick walls, and exposed beams remind tenants of a time long since passed.