1. January - NYE in the English countryside
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    @Caroline and I danced into the new year at this charming and dilapidated English manor. It was a house party, but still Black Tie; gotta love the Brits.
  2. February - Said goodbye to Kraftland
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    @richardkraft and I did a final tour of our home and said goodbye to Dumbo, who used to fly above the living room. www.FindingKraftland.com
  3. March - Surprise birthday trip to SF
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    25 is the age I turned and the number of seconds it took to start eating after we sat down at Yank Sing, my favorite dim sum restaurant.
  4. April - My documentary premiers!
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    After a year of traveling the US interviewing the happiest people in America and a year trying desperately to edit 300 hours of footage into a coherent narrative, Pursuing Happiness had its world premier with 2 great screenings!
  5. May - Stopped to smell the roses in France with my mama
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  6. June - Started working at List App Inc.
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    Alt caption: started eating at Gjusta a lot.
  7. July - Today show appearance to discuss 'Pursuing Happiness'
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    Sorry, @ConanOBrien, but for a brief moment, you didn't have the tallest hair on TV.
  8. August - NYC with @bjnovak
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    Got to meet with all sorts of great people - at @nytimes, @CNN, @theSkimm, @WNYC, @EW, and at many more places - and enjoyed some great conversations over Gemma breakfasts.
  9. September - Celebrated the Aristoff wedding
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    @madithelma's sister had the best backyard wedding I've ever been to, in no small part because it ended up just being a wild, barefoot dance party in the grass.
  10. October - We launched!
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    Lots of people sent kind notes and gifts, but nothing can top what @JeremyPivot sent us: a silo full of Soylent. Thanks, buddy!
  11. November - Got to spend 90 minutes with the great @neiltyson
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    What a fantastic, engaging, and kind person.
  12. December - Colombia with three of the best people I know
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    What a way to end an incredible year.