1. Big Fish
    When Billy Crudup finally embraces his father's lies and carries him down to the river, the tears start flowing. When he discovers at his father's funeral that they weren't actually lies, just embellishments... I'm gone.
  2. A.I.
    That robot boy loves his mama! I do, too and I think that's what gets me.
  3. It's A Wonderful Life
    But let's be real, if the end of this film doesn't make you cry, you're a robot.
  4. Toy Story 3
    When all the toys hold hands while heading towards a likely death in the garbage compactor, I looked over to see my best friend and my dad wiping away tears. At some point we all gave up and let the tears roll down our faces.
  5. Air Bud
    When Josh tries to say goodbye to Air Bud... When he yells at him to leave... "I don't want you anymore!" Oh god... I actually just watched this scene on YouTube to confirm that it's still a heartwrencher and, well, it is. 😥