1. "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again."
    Good advice. Encouraging words from the late, great Aaliyah. Don't let failure deter you.
  2. "Eyyyyyyy, smoke weed everyday."
    Bad advice. Brush your teeth everyday. Drink plenty of water every day. Try to enrich at least one person's life everyday. But don't smoke weed everyday; that's what boring people do.
  3. "If you wanna be my lover, Ya gotta get with my friends"
    Bad advice. Abort mission. Men: do NOT hook up with someone's friends if you're interested in them, despite what the Spice Girls say.
  4. Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen
    Great advice. 90% of aging is caused by the sun, a fact Baz Luhrmann wants you to keep in mind when considering your SPF ritual. This is just great, practical advice. Thanks, Baz.
  5. "Don't speak, I know just what you're saying, so please stop explaining, don't tell me cause it hurts."
    Terrible advice. Listen Gwen, communication is key in all relationships and it sounds like maybe part of the reason you're "hurt" is because you're unwilling to have a dialogue and hear the other person's side.
  6. "Hotel motel Holiday Inn, if your girl starts acting up, then you take her friend."
    Nope. Awful advice. This is gonna land you in a world of hurt and probably on an episode of Jerry Springer.
  7. "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never take a pretty girl as your wife"
    Inconclusive. But I think it's a bad idea to let your wife know you've followed Jimmy Soul's advice.
  8. Don't worry, be happy.
    Inconclusive. Sounds like some hippie bullshit to me.
  9. "Before the cream sits out too long, you must whip it"
    Excellent and practical advice. No one likes flat whipped cream.
  10. Teenage suicide (don't do it)
    Good advice. Practical advice. Life altering advice.