1. "I don't care if she is a tape dispenser, I love her."
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  2. "Woah, déjà vu."
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  3. "Nobody ever asks 'HOW'S Waldo.'"
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  4. "I hope Pandora doesn't already have a box of Mankind's evils."
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  5. "Pi what squared? Long John, you should be able to get this."
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  6. "Bad news - the unicorns are gay."
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  7. "Where were you when I needed an imaginary friend?"
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  8. "I can't believe you symbolize peace when you're such a bitch."
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  9. "Oh, I'm sorry - this is George, the first person at this party who I thought I was going to go home with."
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  10. "National Levitation Society"
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  11. @arimelber is basically this.
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    Suggested by @videodrew
  12. Star Wars 2
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    Suggested by @videodrew
  13. This is my personal favorite.
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    Suggested by @videodrew
  14. story of my life
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    Suggested by @videodrew
  15. I love the many ways you can read this
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    Suggested by @ChrisK