There are a plethora of fantastic lists that have made me guffaw, reflect, and reminisce. Here are a few in no particular order... @dev @bjnovak when are we going to be able to link to other lists?
  1. "More Ways to Leave Your Lover" by @elle
    I can't begin to express how much I wish I had written this list. Reminds me of the type of games I'd play growing up with my dad or later with friends - just spitballing terrible yet hilarious additions to preexisting things.
  2. "Types of Famous that I Am" by @Z
    I have never heard anything as profound and true as "cousin famous."
  3. "Things I'd Like to Hear Shouted While Having Sex With Me" by @bjnovak
    Great concept, expert execution. And I mean like... Can you imagine if someone actually yelled "Ryan Started the Fire"?!?! That person would win. Forever. Also, #4 is 👌
  4. "Lists Found While Accessing The List App Via Tor/Dark Web" by @dev
    Admittedly one I requested, but I never could have imagined such brilliant answers. Makes me want to access this app via Tor...
  5. "Things I Remember from MTV Cribs All These Years Later" by @EthanDawes
    The concept of this list cracks me up. It's such a slacker list and that's its beauty.
  6. "The A List" by @vp
    I actually gasped when I saw this list. It's gold. Someone give this guy a promotion. It's so obvious and yet... It's just... Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
  7. "Tracy Jordan's Most Important Necklaces, Ranked" by @carey
    Not "favorite." Not "best." Not "funniest." "Most important."
  8. "Celebrities I'd Be Cool with Letting Hunt Me on a Remote Island" by @jackwaz
    I know Jack and the thought of any of these happening is a beautiful, beautiful image. I also know that he truly means it. Starting a Kickstarter to make some of these happen!
  9. "Historical Figured Who Liked Me But I Just Wasn't Into" by @zoe
    In the hands of anyone else, this list would bomb. Funny concept, yes, but it's the writing that makes it so strong. I hope years from now I'm a historical figure who Zoe's great granddaughter lists about in a similar fashion. What an honor that would be.
  10. "Things Dogs Pretend to Like For Humans" by @fats
    Moment of truth: you're all funny but I'd be perfectly content if this app was just @fats. No one is funnier. This list was hilarious commentary on a trend on ListApp, a beautiful display of "dad humor" and just made my day.