A random collection of thoughts regarding our species, where we live, how we live, and other stuff... This is stream of consciousness, people!
  1. Nothing has inherent meaning
    This was affirmed when I met a subject in my film, Gloria, who took a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis and made it the best thing in her life. Truly. We assign meaning. All information is ambiguous.
  2. "Good conversations are punctuated by even better interruptions"
    My friend Toni said this. I couldn't agree more.
  3. What most call God, I call an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance
    People use God to explain the unknown, which isn't (necessarily) harmful. What is harmful is to stop searching for answers because you have "the answer."
  4. Everyone is interesting
    If you have lived, that inherently makes you interesting because you have simultaneously experienced the same exact things as everyone else and also have a completely unique experience.
  5. It is ethnocentric to believe we are here for any reason other than as a result of random mutations
    We got lucky, nothing wrong with that.
  6. We're more or less just along for the ride on this blue marble
    Humans have an effect on the Earth, sure, but I think we're at its mercy and don't believe we have as big of an effective as some would have you believe.
  7. None of this bums me out - it's actually quite interesting and exciting
    A friend asked why I had any hope or excitement about living if I thought it was all meaningless. I think it's totally fine and actually cool that we're here without purpose or meaning. Doesn't change the things I love and care about.
  8. People are people
    No matter where you go in the world, people are basically the same. Which is good - the lines that divide us tend to be bullshit.
  9. Reality is a gift, why mess with it?
    I've never drank. Ive never smoked. I've never done any drugs. I try not to be judgmental of those who do; personally I've never had the need or found it appealing.
  10. Technological advancements may be good or they may be bad, but they are certainly inevitable
    All technologies are disruptive and change the world - books, recordings, Apple Watches. It's an impossible trend to fight - innovation - so people should get onboard quicker and help steer the ship rather than try to sink it.
  11. We become more progressive and liberal with each new generation for two main reasons:
    1. People die and can't pass on their views and dogma. 2. As a species, our greatest strength is our ability to connect and work together - most progress is about uniting people.
  12. Every generation reaches an age where they think the younger generation is going to ruin the world
    The older generation is always wrong (accurate as of June 30th, 2015.)
  13. Happiness is a balance between Hedonic pleasures and Eudaimonic feelings of a life well-lived
    I think it's best to lead with the later and incorporate the former into the mix.
  14. There are multiple lids for every pot
    Finding "the one" is less about the person you're finding and more about you: are you ready to commit? Are you worthy and capable of giving the love you hope to receive?
  15. Counter-culture will usually become mainstream.
    Take music: Jazz was the devil's music, then it became popular. Rock and roll was the devil's music, then it became popular. Hip-hop was the devil's music, then it became popular.
  16. School is less about what you learn in the classroom and more about how you learn to interact with others
    Technical skills are important to learn, especially in various professions, but about 99.9% of life is interacting with other people and schools (should) be a microcosm for the world.
  17. An idea isn't worth much - it's all about execution
    Movies. Apps. Pursuits. Books. Whatever the area, an idea is only as good as the execution.
  18. It becomes harder to discriminate the smaller the world gets
    It's very hard to hate your neighbor, which is to say, the more integrated the world becomes and the more we live amongst "others" the more likely we are to get along.
  19. Love isn't all you need, by it's certainly the best thing there is.