Inspired by @dankmccoy. Please note, this is NOT a "best" list - just the ones I enjoy the most.
  1. Tim Burton - Big Fish
    The strongest (and possibly only) third act in a Burton film.
  2. Rob Reiner - A Few Good Men
    When Harry Met Sally is a million times better, but that's Nora's film. I suppose AFGM is Sorkin's film though...
  3. Steven Spielberg - A.I.
    Hard to choose a favorite so I'll go with the outlier of my favorites. I'm a sobbing mess the last 20 minutes of this film.
  4. Paul Thomas Anderson - Boogie Nights
    How is it possible this was someone's second movie???
  5. Wes Anderson - Rushmore
    I'd watch a 3 hour cut of Max Fischer and Herman Blume doing their thing.
  6. Stanley Kubrick - The Shining
  7. The Coen Brothers - The Big Lebowski
  8. Quentin Tarantino - Kill Bill Vol. 1
    The soundtrack alone is better than most films in general.
  9. Spike Jonze - Her
  10. David Fincher - Fight Club
  11. Woody Allen - Midnight in Paris
    Not his best movie, but certainly the best cast.
  12. Christopher Nolan - Memento
  13. Gus Van Sant - Good Will Hunting
  14. Hayao Miyazaki - My Neighbor Totoro
    Without question his most beautiful film. It's so rich and dense yet has very little dialogue or plot. It's all achieved through animation and music.