My Favorite Restaurants in My Favorite Cities

Inspired by @jameshiga It should also be noted that I have the taste palate of an 8 year old.
  1. London - Red Fort
    There is a dessert item called a "Funky Pie." Need I say more? Hands down the best Indian food in London.
  2. Tokyo - Tonki
    The Apple Pan of Tokyo, except instead of burgers they make a deep fried pork cutlet. This is me there for the 3rd time in one week.
  3. New Delhi - The Spice Route
    Chinese, Thai, Indian fusion. Need I say more? I loved every bite and it was easily my favorite meal in India - even more than Indian Accent. The Spice Route is also located in a beautiful hotel from the time of the Raj.
  4. Kyoto - Yoshikawa
    What Jiro does for sushi, Yoshikawa does for Tempura. If you make nice with the chef he may give you a private tour of their garden. Prepare yourself for a 3 hour dining experience.
  5. Paris - La Bocca Della Verita
    The Jon & Vinny's of Paris (I hate French food.)
  6. Hong Kong - Crystal Jade
    There's a location in the airport, which some may see as hokey but I see it as a perfect way to enjoy a Hong Kong layover. Nothing fancy, just excellent Chinese dim sum.
  7. Portland - Andina
    I am not exaggerating when I say that the passion fruit dip they bring with bread is one of the tastiest concoctions I have ever put in my mouth. I'd eat it by the gallon. Also, the quinoa crusted chicken is the bomb.
  8. Los Angeles - Pacific Dining Car (2am only)
    Very few things in life are as enjoyable as being with friends at PDC at 2 in the morning, enjoying steak and overpriced side dishes (CC @tay @Lisha @carolinek @jonosser @shawn)
  9. Boston - The Paramount Cafe
    Tough decision but I'm going to say this is my favorite brunch spot in Boston. Why? Because you don't expect that short order food can be so tasty, but it is. I'm all about the breakfast sandwich with bacon.
  10. San Francisco - Yank Sing
    Last I was there I timed it: 34 seconds between my butt hitting the seat and dining on delicious dim sum. It doesn't get better than that.
  11. Palm Springs - Norma's
    Let's be honest: Norma's breakfast is just dessert. Getting a S'Mores Frappuccino with a cookie straw is a healthier meal. That said, no one poaches an egg as well as Norma's.