My Instagram Discover, Explained

What about y'all's?
  1. Here's a snapshot of my IG discover tab
  2. Themes:
  3. Cats
    I blame @Lauren and her Exotic Shorthair Vesper (who also has an account.) Instagram thinks that because I'm a supportive friend, I somehow like cats. I don't.
  4. Beautiful, often naked models
    @shaunguckian's entire IG is tasteful photos of naked chicks. I was trolling him in a comment on one, thinking I was funny. Instagram got the last laugh by thinking all I cared about was backlit naked women
  5. Food porn
    Much like cats, I don't really care for food porn, but I do quite like @sierra and all her photos. I also once followed some hip NYC restaurant for 10% off and then unfollowed them - IG seemed to ignore the unfollow...
  6. George Watsky image
    George is a homie - trying to get him over here on The List App.
  7. Fuck Jerry style posts
    I refuse to follow Fuck Jerry or The Fat Jewish. That said, I constantly search their accounts. IG is pushing hard for me to just follow - I ain't budging.