Please make this list yourself, I have an obsession with other people's digital spaces.
  1. Home screen
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  2. The gap
    I add spaces to my mac dock as well - I just like having a clear dividing line between things.
  3. The three app dock
    Four seems crowded and I kind of dig the four on top, three on the bottom
  4. ListApp placement
    It's been there since I downloaded it but is a serious contender for dock placement. Goodbye, email.
  5. Those 9 unread emails
    Are things I really just don't want to address. Some are actually somewhat pressing and will take 5 minutes of my time to respond to. One of them is a Japanese newsletter I signed up for when living in Japan that I can't unsubscribe to because I can't read kanji.
  6. That's a missed call, not a voice mail
    I can't leave voicemails unlistened to. It feels wrong. 90% of my voicemails are my mom.
  7. The "News" folder
    Is really just used for Reddit, which isn't really news, is it?
  8. I haven't read a book on my phone in years
    Why is it on my home screen?? Seeking recommended apps to fill that valuable real estate.
  9. I'm on AT&T solely out of pride
    They suck but I can't admit it to my friends on Verizon. I'd rather drop calls all day long than admit I should have switched years ago.
  10. Apple Maps is the worst
    I love you, Apple, but 100% of the time your maps program leads me astray. Long live Google Maps.